10+ Fastest and Most Trusted Money Making Applications [2023]


Good news for those of you who like lying down and scrolling social media. Here, we will provide a list of applications that make money directly into your account that you can try.

So, when else can you just lie down and open the application and make money? Come on, immediately check what applications are in this article!

Fastest and Most Trusted Money Making Applications

Best Application for Making Money Directly to Account

We have summarized some of the fastest money-making applications that you can try, both with an affiliate system and without inviting friends. Here’s the list.

1. TikTok

Who doesn’t know TikTok? This platform with very varied video content is one of the official money-making applications, you know.

You can share your referral code with friends who haven’t used TikTok. If they install the TikTok application with this code, you will get an active balance and can withdraw it to your account.

2. YUP!

YUP! is a trusted money-making application. YUP! is a loan application, but not an online loan. Because, YUP! You can use it to pay for your purchases, be it eating, drinking, or other types of shopping that have a QR Code payment method.

You can get a discount of up to Rs. 297.77 with a minimum purchase of Rs. 297.77, aka you can shop without paying! Plus, YUP! also has an affiliate system that will give you additional balance. You just share your referral code with friends.

If they install the YUP! with the referral code that you share, you will get this additional bonus.

3. Make Money

The next application for making money directly into your account is JadiDuit. To be able to exchange it for balance, you are required to complete the daily mission that has been given.

This application is easy to use and users have proven that they have managed to earn real money.


One digital wallet that always has many attractive offers for its users is DANA. This digital wallet can be used in various payment methods with a QR Code. What’s even more interesting is that DANA has an invite-a-friend system that will give you attractive balances and vouchers.

5. Sea Bank

This bank affiliated with Shopee is currently providing many attractive offers. SeaBank has even become the OJK’s official money-making application. So, every time you invite a friend, you will get a bonus of Rs. 189. Not bad, right?

6. PollPay

First released in 2018, to date PollPay has been downloaded by more than 10,000,000 users. This application is proven to transfer rewards collected by users to their accounts, you know.

There are several ways to redeem rewards, one of which is by withdrawing funds to your PayPal account.

7. Shopee

Did you know that Shopee now has a new feature for viewing uploaded videos from Shopee users? When you watch these videos, you can get coins, you know. You can cash these coins into your ShopeePay!

8. CashPop

The next money-making application without inviting friends is CashPop. This application has been downloaded more than 5,000,000 times with 224,000+ reviews giving a rating of 4.8/5 stars. A very good rating, right?

To make money, you can access content on CashPop so you will get points. The minimum balance to redeem is Rs. 54 and you can cash it directly into your digital wallet account.

9. SnackVideo

SnackVideo is one of the fastest money-making applications that you can try. The way it works is that you have to watch videos to collect coins. Later, these coins can be exchanged for money and then withdrawn to your DANA account.

Apart from that, you can also invite friends to use the SnackVideo application from your referral code. Then you will get an additional balance if a friend uses the code.

10. Fizzo

Have you ever seen a Fizzo advertisement on your social media? For those who don’t know, Fizzo is an application to make money by reading stories there. Uniquely, Fizzo provides rewards for creators and readers so that all users benefit equally.

11. Hello

Helo is an application that can make money in the form of social media. It has been downloaded by more than 865,000 users since it was first released in 2020. You can access various content and news from Helo. And every time you access content, you will get points which you can then redeem for balance.

12. ShopBack

The ShopBack application has been widely discussed since 2019. At that time, many influencers even reviewed this application, such as Amazing, Jonathan End, and Raden Rauf.

The coolest thing is, the way this application works is that you shop. It’s not just shopping haphazardly, you can adjust it to your shopping needs from various e-commerce sites.

So, you can open the ShopBack application first before launching into your favorite online shop application, such as Shopee, Blibli, Lazada, Tokopedia, and others.

The rewards system is in the form of cashback as stated in the terms and conditions of each ecommerce.

13. Google Survey Rewards

Google Survey Rewards or Google Opinion Rewards is an official money-making application from Google. Of course, you don’t need to doubt this application because it comes from Google. In fact, this application has been downloaded by 2 million+ users, you know!

As the name suggests, this application will provide various questions that you must answer. You can also give honest reviews of various things which can then give you a bonus balance from the reviews and surveys you have created.

14. GoNovel

Just like Fizzo, GoNovel will also give users a mission to read stories on its application. There are many story genres in this application, namely comedy, horror, mystery, romance, and others. The languages ​​are also diverse, starting from Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and many more.

Not only through story reading missions, you will also get points through daily check-in missions, playing games, and watching videos. You can then exchange the points you have collected for a balance.

15. Macha

Macha is the last recommended money-making application without inviting friends. This application has been downloaded by more than 26,000 users who have positive reviews regarding its use.

What’s interesting, Macha is a game application for practicing math skills. So, when you play logic games in this application, you will get bonuses in the form of credit and balance. That way, you can immediately withdraw the balance you have collected!


Those are some recommendations for the latest money-making applications that you can try. If you are still unsure about using it, you can check each application and then read every review from old users.

The thing you need to remember is to be careful if an application asks for your sensitive personal data, such as username or password.

So, for those of you who are looking for additional income, apart from using money-making applications, you can also try looking for a side hustle by working freelance. There are many freelance job vacancies that you can apply for on the application.

To date, there have been 1,000,000+ users who have used this job search application. In fact, every month we have succeeded in bringing together more than 3,000,000 job applications to companies that match your qualifications, you know.



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