15 Ways to Make Money from Internet Easy&Fast [2023]


With today’s increasingly sophisticated technological developments, earning money from the internet is no longer impossible. This opportunity is very wide open and anyone can try it.

Best Ways to Make Money from Internet

If you are interested and want to earn additional income, then you must read the following article to the end.

How to Make Money from the Internet

There are many ways to earn money quickly online that you can do. Below is a list of jobs that can be done without any capital.

1. Dropshipper


Becoming a drop shipper is one way to earn money quickly and lawfully without capital. The reason is, that the dropshipping business system means that you don’t need to stock goods first from the supplier.

You only need to market the supplier’s products, and they will process the packaging and delivery.

2. Deposit Services

The next way to make money from the internet is to open a jastip or deposit service. Currently, many people are interested in buying foreign products, but most are constrained by distance or payment because generally, the payment method uses a credit card or PayPal account.

This is your chance to earn money quickly, legally, and easily. As a promising type of business, you can offer goods delivery services from this site by charging a purchase service fee of 5 to 15 percent of the price of the goods.

3. Writing SEO Articles

Writing SEO Articles

Writing SEO articles can also be a way to earn money from the internet. People who like writing can make their hobby a source of income. The price of SEO article writing services varies based on the number of words and the difficulty level of the topic.

Beginner writers are usually paid between IDR 20 thousand to IDR 150 thousand per SEO article. Your knowledge and portfolio can increase the selling price of the articles you write.

4. Selling Designs

Selling designs is a way to earn money quickly for designers. By utilizing your talents, you can make money on design buying, and selling websites such as Freepik and Shutterstock.

If you are an expert in this field, it’s a good idea to join design groups on Facebook, Telegram Channel, and other platforms so that your target market is wider and the type of business you run has greater potential for success.

5. Affiliates

Affiliates are programs that offer other people’s goods or services, but if consumers buy goods through your link, they will also receive compensation.

Since 2018, this method of earning money from the internet has been widely used by millennials using gadgets alone.

6. Paid Surveys

The next way to earn money from the internet quickly is to fill out paid surveys. Many companies really want feedback regarding their products. So, a number of businesses provide paid surveys on certain sites.

You will receive points for the surveys you complete. After collecting a certain number of points, you can exchange them according to the terms of the website. Typically, these points can be exchanged for gift cards, cash, or credit.

7. Sell Electric Credit

Selling electric tokens is an easy way to earn money quickly. Electrical credit has become a necessity for Indonesian people. Usually used to pay for electricity, telephone and internet.

When selling electronic credit, you can increase the price to make a profit. With just a gadget, you can earn income. Interesting right?

8. Content Creator TikTok

Apart from being an entertainment medium, TikTok is also a very tempting profit-making platform. If you are a person who has high creativity, then you can try becoming a TikTok content creator.

You are free to make videos according to your passion, for example, tutorial content, financial content, music, education, cooking, and many more.

Make no mistake, TikTok content creators’ income is quite fantastic, you know! So this is a way to make money from the internet that you shouldn’t miss.

9. Become a YouTuber

Become a YouTuber

Apart from being a TikTok content creator, you can also become a YouTuber. The way to get money from YouTube is that you have to register with the YouTube Partner Program first and make sure your channel meets the monetization requirements.

10. Open an Online Store

In today’s digital era, many people choose online shopping because it is easier and saves time. Therefore, there’s no harm in trying to open an online shop business, whether on Instagram, TikTok, website, or marketplace.

By opening your own shop, you can profit more and can manage the flow of money and goods.

11. Open online tutoring

The next way to earn money from the internet is to become an online tutor. You can teach science, foreign languages, digital marketing, and others. You can open your own tutoring or join an institution.

12. Offer Social Media Admin Services

For those of you who are active on social media, you can offer services to individuals and business owners who need admins for their platforms as a way to earn money quickly and lawfully without capital.

13. Stock Trading

Investing in shares is a way to earn money from the internet quickly. With so many investment platforms and applications, trading is now even easier.

However, before diving directly into the world of shares, you must have extensive knowledge to avoid losses. If you don’t understand trading, it is recommended that you look for a mentor.

14. Mutual Fund Investment

Just like trading, investing in mutual funds is an easy way to make money. Investing in mutual funds is considered safer if you don’t understand trading or FX.

Mutual funds are the most efficient online investment for generating profits but with less risk than shares. You can get your money back quickly, but if there is a loss on the stock you choose, your money can also be reduced.

15. CV Writing Services

Some job seekers, especially new graduates, still don’t understand how to write a good and ATS-friendly CV. Therefore, you can offer CV writing services as a way to earn money quickly.

Beforehand, you can first study what an ATS-friendly CV looks like on the internet.


That’s an explanation of tips for making money online that you can try. The options above can be a side activity while you are looking for job vacancies.

No need to be confused about where to access safe and trusted job vacancies. You can use the application which has been used by more than 1 million users.

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