7 Best Car Simulator Games for Android in 2023


Car Simulator Games for Android – Talking about Android games, there are currently a lot of them. Each game carries a different genre, of course, providing its own excitement and challenges for the players.

Some of these games are online based and some are offline. Both have their own charm that makes players want to try out the game.

Of the several Android game genres available, one Android game theme that is exciting and has quite a lot of fans is car simulator games.

Best Car Simulator Games for Android

In the game, you will act as a driver who must control the car to complete the missions given. Several games are also equipped with stunning graphic displays, making the game’s eyes really pampered.

Just like other game genres, there are also many car simulator games on Android. Each game certainly has its own unique gameplay so players want to play it.

Below are some recommendations for the most exciting and interesting car simulator games for Android that you must play. Check out the full review below!

List of the Best Car Simulator Games for Android

1. Car Driving Simulator: SF

Car Driving Simulator SF

The first choice of the most exciting car simulator game on Android is the Car Driving Simulator: SF. This game requires you to control a classic to a modern car to navigate the streets of San Francisco. It provides many types of cool sports cars that you can use.

It is also equipped with various interesting features that will maximize the excitement of the game. The visual graphic display itself looks stunning and realistic, you will definitely be addicted to playing it. The racing action is increasingly challenging with a racing area that is different from other games.

2. Sports Car Simulator 3D

Sports Car Simulator 3D

As the title suggests, this Sport Car Simulator 3D game allows you to experience driving a 3D car that looks realistic. In addition, the street areas and natural settings are made quite detailed, making it even more realistic.

In the Sports Car Simulator 3D game, there are around 9 types of vehicles that have different capabilities. Apart from the stunning 3D design, the cars provided are also equipped with a very professional control system.

Stunning graphics make the capacity of Sports Car Simulator 3D game swell. Because of this, this game is more suitable to be played on cellphones with medium to high specifications.

3. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

For those of you who are looking for an exciting sports car simulation game, this Extreme Car Driving Simulator game is the perfect choice.

In it, you will be the driver of a cool sports car and equipped with a fairly complete control system. You can experience racing action like in the real world through this Extreme Car Driving Simulator game.

Apart from the large selection of sports cars, this game also provides quite complete features. If you feel bored with racing action, you can try other things such as general driving or you can also take a drift car.

The visual graphics it offers look very good and realistic, making it a special attraction for players.

4. Euro Truck Evolution

Euro Truck Evolution

Tired of playing sports car simulator games or similar? Then you must try this driving simulation game. The Euro Truck Evolution game requires you to drive a large truck to complete the exciting missions it carries. It’s not easy of course, you will pass smooth to extreme paths and terrain.

The truck is also equipped with an easy and comfortable control system, so the game will be even more exciting. The only thing that is lacking in the Euro Truck Evolution game is the graphics. The visual graphics it offers are still fairly standard for games of its class.

5. Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving

Want to learn to drive a car but don’t have the money to buy or take part in private driving? No need to be confused, through the game Dr. This Driving allows you to try out driving a car easily and for free, of course. Equipped with a real car control system, it makes you feel like you are driving a car in the real world.

Like an exam or test to get a driver’s license, here you are required to complete several tests with different levels of difficulty.

There are several types of car driving tests, such as driving the car at a certain speed, overtaking other cars, parking the car, and many others. The very interesting gameplay makes this game very popular with many gamers.

6. IDBS Bus Simulator

This is different from the vehicle simulation game which is no less popular. Instead of driving a car, here you will drive a bus which is quite large. It provides various types of cool buses that you can choose and use in the game.

In the game, you will drive a bus through very long roads to various destinations. Whether it’s to transport tourists, as a city transportation service, or something else.

This game is also equipped with bus controls that are easy and look real. You will feel the sensation of excitement when driving a bus in this IDBS Bus Simulator game. Moreover, coupled with stunning graphic support, it makes players feel at home playing it.

7. Car Drift Simulator: 2019

The last choice of the best and most exciting car simulator game for Android is Car Drift Simulator: 2019. This game is no less interesting than the games above. It provides 2 different game modes, namely car simulator mode and car racing mode.

Here you are given the freedom to drive a car, you can try challenging car races or exciting drifting. The drifting action in this game looks very realistic so it provides special excitement for the players.

Don’t forget the amazing graphic support that makes players really pampered. Unfortunately, the size of the Car Drift Simulator: 2019 game is quite large so it is only suitable for playing on middle to high-class cellphones.


Those are some recommendations for fun and challenging car simulator games for Android that you must play. Install now so you can also experience the excitement of the game.



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