How to Solve This Site Can’t be Reached on Mobile [2023]


Overcoming This Site Can’t Be Reached – Sophistication in technology means we can do many things easily and practically. Currently, various sophisticated equipment is available, one of which is a smartphone.

This smartphone not only functions as a communication tool but is broader than that. Smartphones can be used to help complete various daily tasks for users.

For example, homework, activities at school, work at the office, and so on. And one of the types of smartphones that is most in demand today is Android-based smartphones.

How to Solve This Site Can't be Reached on Mobile

Many Android cellphones are chosen because the price tag is quite cheap and there are many choices of brands and types.

Each has its own advantages, these advantages can be adjusted to your needs in using an Android smartphone.

However, an Android smartphone will not function optimally if it is not connected to the internet network.

The reason is, that almost all activities carried out on an Android cellphone definitely require an internet connection.

Starting from browsing, running online-based applications, playing online games, and many others. Connecting it to the internet can use the data quota from your cellular card or connect it to a WiFi network.

When it comes to browsing on the internet, there are times when the sites we visit cannot be displayed.

For example, when accessing the internet via the Google Chrome browser, and when visiting a certain site an error page appears that says “This site cannot be reached”.

Problems like this can be caused by many factors that users may not be aware of. Whatever the cause, the most important thing here is how to solve the site not being reachable on Google Chrome Android.

Regarding how to solve this site cannot be reached on an Android cellphone, you can see more details below.

How to solve this site can’t be reached on a cellphone

There are several factors that cause site pages to not be reached and displayed on Google Chrome Android.

Starting from problems with an unstable or even unconnected internet connection, Google Chrome cache files piling up, the Android system experiencing errors, and many others.

Knowing some of the causes will make it easier for us to solve this error problem.

The complete way to solve this site cannot be reached on Google Chrome on an Android cellphone is as follows:

1. Check the Internet Connection on your cellphone

The first way to overcome site pages that cannot be reached and displayed is to check the internet connection on your cellphone.

It could be because the internet connection has an error or is not even connected, of course, the site page cannot be accessed.

Try to create another site page in Google Chrome browser or another browser.

If it’s still the same, then you can be sure that the internet connection on your cellphone is the problem.

To overcome the problem of an unstable or not connected internet connection on an Android cellphone, namely by activating Airplane Mode.

Swipe the screen from top to bottom, then tap on the Airplane Mode icon to activate it. Wait a few moments, then turn off Airplane Mode again.

Reconnect your cellphone to the internet network, then visit the unreachable site in your browser.

If it still persists, try connecting your cellphone to a WiFi network. Usually, this is because the signal from the operator is unstable or even slow.

By connecting your cellphone to a WiFi network, your internet connection will be faster so you can access difficult web pages.

2. Refresh the Browser Page

If the internet connection on your cellphone turns out to be normal, this is likely because the browser page needs to be refreshed.

The method is very easy, just tap the site URL column at the top of the display as if to modify it, then click Enter on the HP virtual keyboard to refresh.

Apart from that, you can also drag the browser page down to refresh the page.

One more way to refresh a website page on a cellphone browser is by exiting the browser.

The way to do this is to click the Home button on your cellphone, then click the Recent App button and click Exit or Close All.

If so, then you open the browser again and revisit the site that you couldn’t reach earlier.

3. Restart the Android cellphone

Sites on the internet that cannot be displayed or reached can also be caused by errors in the Android system. To overcome problems like this, it is easiest to restart the cellphone or restart it.

To do this, simply press and hold the Power button, then tap on the Restart or Restart option.

After the cell phone turns back on, you open the browser again and re-visit the site that you couldn’t reach earlier.

Apart from solving minor error problems, restarting an Android cellphone will also make the cellphone’s performance faster and more responsive.

4. Using Incognito Mode

Browsers are usually equipped with Incognito Mode or what is also known as Incognito Mode. In Google Chrome there is also this feature, where users whose browser uses Incognito Mode will have their information hidden.

In addition, browsing history will not be saved but will be deleted automatically when the user exits this mode.

Who would have thought, that Incognito Mode in this browser could actually be used to access sites that cannot be reached? How to access Incognito or Incognito Mode is very easy.

Just click the Three Dots icon in the top right corner, then select New Incognito Tab. Now you can directly access site pages that couldn’t be accessed before.

5. Delete Search History Data in Browser

Cache files and data in the browser that accumulate can also cause error problems when browsing, including problems with websites that cannot be reached.

To overcome this, you need to delete browsing history data and other cache files on the browser. How to do it yourself, namely:

  1. Open the browser on your cellphone as usual. Here is an example of deleting cache and browsing history on Google Chrome Android.
  2. On the browser’s main page, you click the Three Dots icon in the top right corner of the display. Then select the History option.
  3. Then click the Clear Browsing Data option at the top of the display.
  4. Now you set what data you want to delete. On the Basic tab, you can check the data you want to delete. Also, click on the Advanced tab, then also select the data you want to delete. For example, select Browsing History, Cookies and Site Data, and Cached Images and Files.
  5. If so, then click Erase Data.
  6. Wait until the process is complete. Then you try to revisit the site that couldn’t be displayed earlier.
  7. Finished.


6. Update your browser to the latest version

Application and game developers are quite diligent in providing the latest version updates for the applications and games they make.

This is done with the aim of fixing bugs and adding new features to it. Just like browsers, the problem of not being able to reach sites on the internet can be due to bugs in them.

To overcome this, simply update your browser to the latest version.

The way to do this is by visiting the Google Play Store and then looking for the browser you want to update. Visit the application page, then click Update.

7. Use a VPN application

The site not reachable in the Android browser may be caused due to privacy issues.

The site may not be accessible to certain countries, in this case, devices accessing from an Indian server.

With VPN we can manipulate the IP address so that it will be detected accessing it from another country.

There are many applications that you can use to change the IP address on this cellphone, including:

  1. TurboVPN
  2. ThunderVPN
  3. VPN Master
  4. MonsterVPN
  5. Signal Secure VPN


Those are some ways to overcome the inaccessibility of this site that are effective and easy for you to implement.

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